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  1. Soria Moria sauna at Dalen
    Set your course for the beautiful county of Telemark in Norway, with its majestic mountains, spectacular lakes, and rich cultural heritage.
  2. kayaking on the Telemark Canal in the lock chamber
    Telemark offers a variety of activities, from hilly mountains to a beautiful coastline. It is also said that Telemark is Norway in a miniature. It offers scenic mountain views, paddling on quiet waters or between islands in the archipelago, a variety of cycling trails and beautiful forest trails.
  3. lady in red dress walks towards the entrance to Sondre Brekke Gård
    In Norway you will find many cultural experiences: New culture and ancient culture. Rural culture and urban culture. Cultural heritage and contemporary culture. A holiday in Telemark will really contribute to Norwegian cultural experiences. Check out art exhibitions, festivals, dining experiences, Munch hiking, concerts and much more.
  4. Holiday with friends and loved ones
    Whether you are travelling with your friends or your partner, Telemark offers a wide range of exciting experiences for both friends and romantics. Here you will find something for every one; from nature- and action experiences to culinary- and cultural experiences.
  5. children drive x-cross cars at Foldvik family park
    Your family holiday in Telemark will be experiencing Norway in a nutshell: here you'll find family and leisure parks, a splendid waterpark and fun activities for young and old. The range of attractions and activities in Telemark stretch from the beautiful and rugged mountain peaks to the soothing waves of the archipelago.

Popular attractions in Telemark

  1. lady with 2 children stands on top of Gaustatoppen and looks out
    The mountain Gaustatoppen in Rjukan in Telemark county is easily accessable and one of the most beautiful mountains in Norway.
  2. Heddal stave church in Notodden
    Visit the magnificent Heddal Stave church in Notodden - the largest wooden stave church in Norway.
    1. UNESCO World Heritage
      Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations. Our cultural and natural heritage are both irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration. In Telemark both Rjukan and Notodden are on the UNESCO list.
    2. Lådalstigen is a fantastic hike between Dalen and Lårdal. A large part of the hike follows the mountain ridge 800 metres above the Telemark Canal.
    3. girl jumps in water in the giant pots in Nissedal
      Since the ice-age, rocks and gravel have been swirling around on the riverbanks and formed big potholes.
    4. MS Henrik Ibsen on the Telemark Canal
      The Telemark Canal with its beautiful locks starts in Skien and ends in Dalen. Join various day trips or boat trips with accommodation.
    5. drone image of the bridge on the coastal path at Krogshavn
      As the first geopark in Scandinavia, Gea Norvegica became member of the Global Geoparks Network/European Geoparks Network in 2006.
    6. Stråholmen and Jomfruland in South
      Jomfruland National Park was established on 16 December 2016 and covers an area of 117 km2(45 sq mi), including the islands of Jomfruland and Stråholmen. About 98% in the park area is sea.
    7. Topp 5 aktiviteter for deg som er på dagsbesøk, eller ferie i Kragerø.
      The Bamble coastal path starts at the library in Stathelle and finishes at Fossing in Krageø, covering a stretch of approx, 62 km.
    8. boat from Canal Boats Telemark is located in a bay
      Canal Boats Telemark AS is the first Norwegian company to rent out 100% electric cabincruisers. Canal Boats Telemark introduces a whole new way of boating.
    9. family at Henrik Ibsen Museum Venstøp
      Visit the Henrik Ibsen museum in Skien and experience the playwright's childhood home as it was when Henrik lived here. Try skittles, puppetry or dress up.
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    10. new in 2024: the slide HiwiHuhu
      Scandinavia's largest waterpark, Bø Sommarland, is one of Telemark's most visited attractions with more than 20 different pools and slides.