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The travel-bucketlist: Discover the unique adventures in Telemark

  1. MS Victoria on the Telemark Channel
    The Telemark Canal - one of the most beautiful waterways in the world. The Telemark Canal was carved into the rock over 100 years ago. When the canal was completed in 1892, it was called the "eighth wonder".
  2. the ducks in the garden at Dalen Hotel
    Dalen Hotel is a beautiful fairytale hotel build in 1894 in grand romantic style with dragon heads, towers, pinnacles and balconies.
    1. Soria Moria Sauna in Dalen, Telemark
    2. food at Bjaaland Bygderestaurant
      Bjaaland Bygderestaurant is located in Morgedal. The owners focus is on local and organic food, and all dishes are home made.
    3. Jazz lovers flock to New Orleans, Elvis fans congregate in Memphis, ski enthusiasts travel to the little mountain valley of Morgedal.
      1. 1 May 202415 Sep 2024
    4. couple sitting on deck on electric cabin cruiser from Canal Boats Telemark and watching sunset
      Canal Boats Telemark AS is the first Norwegian company to rent out 100% electric cabincruisers. Canal Boats Telemark introduces a whole new way of boating.
    1. viewing circle to the tree top walk at the top of Hamaren
      Hamaren is a walking trail by Lake Fyresvatn that is universally designed and suitable for pedestrians, cyclists, prams and wheelchairs.
    2. wilderness spa at Canvas Hotel with outdoor bathtub
      At Canvas Telemark you can experience wilderness glamping in luxurious yurt tents, incredible nature, mountain biking, camp life and fantastic food.
    3. Handmade porcelain
      Welcome to the Porcelain Museum where tradition is combined with digital technology and dialogue. An unique porcelain experience in Porsgrunn!
      1. 23 Jun 202425 Aug 2024
    4. family at Henrik Ibsen Museum Venstøp
      Visit the Henrik Ibsen museum in Skien and experience the playwright's childhood home as it was when Henrik lived here. Try skittles, puppetry or dress up.
      1. 1 May 202431 Aug 2024
    5. Heddal stave church in Notodden
      Visit the magnificent Heddal Stave church in Notodden - the largest wooden stave church in Norway.
      1. the top of Gaustatoppen in foggy weather
        The mountain Gaustatoppen in Rjukan in Telemark county is easily accessable and one of the most beautiful mountains in Norway.

      1. the lighthouse tower at the island of Jomfruland
        Jomfruland National Park was established on 16 December 2016 and covers an area of 117 km2(45 sq mi), including the islands of Jomfruland and Stråholmen. About 98% in the park area is sea.
      2. 2 girls in bunad
        To experience the rich cultural heritage and traditions of West Telemark, VTM Eidsborg is an excellent place to start.
        1. 28 Apr 202415 Sep 2024
      3. Nice view of the Kragerøfjord
        Did you know that some of E. Munch's most famous works are painted in Kragerø? Take a walk in Munch's footsteps through the streets of Kragerø and visit the places where he found inspiration for his art. You´ll find plates with information and motives along the route.
      4. trip to Himmelrike at Gautefall
        On this simple hike you can experience spectacular boulders in the middle of nature carved out of the glacier from the previous ice age.
      5. girl jumps in water in the giant pots in Nissedal
        Since the ice-age, rocks and gravel have been swirling around on the riverbanks and formed big potholes.
      6. drone photo of Bø Sommarland
        Scandinavia's largest waterpark, Bø Sommarland, is one of Telemark's most visited attractions with more than 20 different pools and slides.