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3854, Nissedal

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girl jumps in water in the giant pots in Nissedal
  • girl jumps in water in the giant pots in Nissedal
  • girl and two boys bathe in the potholes in Nissedal
  • potholes in Nissedal
  • young people bathing in Jettegrytene (potholes) in Nissedal
  • potholes in Nissedal
  • young people bathing in Jettegrytene (potholes) in Nissedal

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The potholes (jettegrytene) in Nissedal are an incredibly beautiful natural phenomenon, you will find in the far south of the municipality, by the small village Eikhom, a mile from  the "Telemarksvegen".

The potholes are round or long depressions in solid rock and have been made of meltwater during the ice age. The river Fyresåna has for ages spun around with stones and gravel in the river bed, which has since been regulated for electricity production. Before the power developers went to work, the giant pots were a well-kept secret underwater. Only when a large part of the water masses were laid in pipes did the round depressions in the river bed become visible.

Popular swimming area
Here you experience nature's own summer country. The giant pots have been a popular bathing spot for the villagers for many years and they are almost like hot springs to count. The area is 300 meters, with hot pots and lovely slides. You will find them located in a narrow valley with rocks on both sides, where the sun gets a really good grip.

The potholes were for a long time a well-kept secret for most people. A full-page report in Aftenposten about the beautiful rock formations, made this change quite drastically. In addition, they were named bathing resort of the year in 1999 by NRK Telemark, Vestfold and Buskerud.

Take good care of this natural gem
The area is very vulnerable. Do not make fires on the rocks, as you may risk the rock cracking. Think environmentally friendly and do not throw rubbish.

Access and parking
A new parking lot has been developed (pay with Vipps or cash) right after Dynjanfoss power station.

NB! The road further in to the potholes is private and occasionally closed with a gate. The municipality and Visit Telemark do not have information on when you can drive all the way in. It may be open one day and closed the next.

You can bike in to the potholes, but it can be somewhat "tricky" to get the bike over the gate. If you choose to walk, you can take the shortcut under the log chute (walking on top of the log chute is prohibited), or walk the road around. The trail under the log chute is not well marked. It partially goes through uneven and challenging terrain, and is not suitable for children below school age, people with strollers, etc. Use sturdy footwear, such as hiking boots or solid running shoes.

From Dynjanfoss power station to Jettegrytene it is:
- About 7 km by bike
- About 2 km on foot under the log chute (turn right immediately after the bridge at Dynjanfoss power station).


Nature and terrain

  • bathing spot



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