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Zoos and farm visits

  1. jente mater en esel på Hulfjell familiepark
    Hulfjell family park is a cozy farm, with lots of different animals and activities, near the lake of Toke in Drangedal municipality.
    1. 17 Jun 202313 Aug 2023
    2. 18 Aug 202327 Aug 2023
    3. 2 Jun 202311 Jun 2023
  2. Alpaca from Svenseid Alpakka
    Svenseid Alpaca is a small farm between Lunde and Bø where you can spend time with the wonderful alpacas who lives here.
  3. children pet a horse at Foldvik family park
    Foldvik Family Park is an eldorado for families with an outstanding selection of fun activities for the children and relaxing environment for adults.
    1. 20 May 202316 Jun 2023
    2. 17 Jun 20236 Aug 2023
    3. 9 Aug 202311 Aug 2023
    4. 12 Aug 20233 Sep 2023
  4. the deer at Siljanhjort
    In Siljan you will find Siljanhjort, a farm full of deer. Here you can experiense the deer and maybe you will be able to feed them.
  5. on a dog sled tour from Telemark Husky Tours
    Come and join Telemark Husky Tour on a dog sledding tour either summer or winter. Tours are offered from 1 to 6 hours in the beautiful nature of Rauland.