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Children at Langesund pier

Family Fun


  1. Family Friendly Museum
    Telemark is a destination brimming with culture and has many interesting museums. Some of these museums have activities specifically for children. Here they are able to engage themselves with fun activities and do something completely different and out of the ordinary.
  2. Family Park
    Telemark boasts various family activity parks guaranteed to appeal to adults and children alike. Bring the family to Scandinavia’s biggest water park at Bø Sommarland, the wakeboard park at Norsjø Ferieland, climbing parks or the bike trail at Hamaren Activity Park – kids will love it!
  3. The beaver beach
    Scandinavia's largest waterpark, Bø Sommarland, is one of Telemark's most visited attractions with more than 20 different pools and slides.
    1. Norsjø cable park at Norsjø Ferieland
      One of the world's best cable track for wakeboarding, water skiing and kneeling can be found at First Camp Norsjø.
    2. water park i Skien fritidspark
      Skien leisure park is a fantastic facility park with activities for children and adults of all ages!
    3. little boy locks a boat on the miniature version of the telemark canal in the canal park at Vest-Telemark Museum in Eidsborg
      Activity park for the whole family - with a 1:1000 model of the Telemark Canal. Be a lock master or a steam ship captain! Many other acitivities.
      1. 15 Jun 202315 Aug 2023
    4. boys driving x-cross cars
      Foldvik Family Park is an eldorado for families with an outstanding selection of fun activities for the children and relaxing environment for adults.
      1. 20 May 202316 Jun 2023
      2. 18 May 202319 May 2023
      3. 29 May 2023
      4. 17 Jun 20236 Aug 2023
      5. 9 Aug 202311 Aug 2023
      6. 12 Aug 20233 Sep 2023
    5. little girl in front of the water park at Hulfjell family park
      We can guarantee fun with water when we open Telemark's only floating waterpark. At Hulfjell Gård you are able to clear fun hindrances in the lake of Toke.
      1. 17 Jun 202313 Aug 2023
      2. 18 Aug 202327 Aug 2023
      3. 3 Jun 202311 Jun 2023