Explore Telemark



10 unique experiences you can't miss

  1. 350m high cliff with buoyancy!
  2. The tale of the serpent in the seljord Lake have been told since 1750 and have been passed down in spoken form, being only partly written down. You can look for the serpent from the sea ​​serpent tower on Bjørgeøyan.
  3. Join the passengerboat M/B Fjellvåken II on a cruise on Lake Møsvatn, 919 m.a.s.l
  4. The Fjone ferry with 2 cars and several people on board operates over Lake Nisser in Telemark
    Fjoneferga i Nissedal, MF Nissen, transport passengers and cars, from Fjone to Framnes, across the 500 meter wide Fjonesundet, .
    1. Raulandsakademiet is a course center, a hostel and a rural museum.
    2. family at Henrik Ibsen Museum Venstøp
      Visit the Henrik Ibsen Museum in Skien and experience the playwright's childhood home as it was when Henrik lived here. Try skittles, puppetry or dress up.