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children at the Norwegian Mining Museum


  1. Gaustatoppen
    Telemark's majestic mountain towers a 1883 meters above sea level. Gaustatoppen is the country's most characteristic and known mountain peak and is regarded as the most beautiful one in all of Norway. The peak is easy accesible but still grants panorama view of Southern Norway. You are even able to see a sixth of all of Norway on days of great weather – an area larger than all of Denmark!
  2. UNESCO World Heritage
    Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations. Our cultural and natural heritage are both irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration. In Telemark both Rjukan and Notodden are on the UNESCO list.
  3. Stråholmen and Jomfruland in South
    Jomfruland National Park was established on 16 December 2016 and covers an area of 117 km2(45 sq mi), including the islands of Jomfruland and Stråholmen. About 98% in the park area is sea.
  4. Island hopping in Langesund and Kragerø
    Experience island hopping in Telemark, and call upon the explorer in you!
  5. To experience the rich cultural heritage and traditions of West Telemark, VTM-Eidsborg is an excellent place to start.
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  6. The Telemark Canal
    The Telemark Canal - one of the most beautiful waterways in the world. The Telemark Canal was carved into the rock over 100 years ago. When the canal was completed in 1892, it was called the "eighth wonder".
  7. Visit Heddal Stavkirke - the largest wooden stave church in Norway.
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  8. little boy sitting on a porcelain car at Porsgrund's Porcelain Factory
    Norway's only porcelain factory, Porsgrund's Porcelain Factory, is located in Porsgrunn and is known for high quality and innovative design.
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  9. Telemarksgalleriet and Lysebuen shows art and industrial history in a beautiful industrial hall from the early nineteenth century.
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  10. Henrik Ibsen was born in Skien on 20 March 1828. His childhood home is just a few kilometers north of Skien city centre.
  11. Did you know that some of E. Munch's most famous works are painted in Kragerø? Take a walk in Munch's footsteps through the streets of Kragerø and visit the places where he found inspiration for his art. You´ll find plates with information and motives along the route.
  12. Hardangervidda is Norway's largest national park.
  13. Museums & Galleries
    Exhibitions of many kinds are held all over the county during the summer season; paintings, sculptures, pottery, folk art and much more are on display and for sale.
  14. Other attractions
    Telemark offers many exciting attractions you may not know about. How about visiting Åmdalsverk Mines and learn about the 400 people who worked in the copper mines. Or what about a high mountain cruise on board MB Fjellvåken over Lake Møsvatn. In Kragerø we recommend a visit to the Teodor Kittelsen Museum. Did you know that his drawings actually inspired Walt Disney?