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UNESCO World Heritage

  1. Industrial worker museum Vemork in Rjukan with heavy water cellar
    At the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum at Vemork you can see the unique exhibition about WWII as well as the industrialization of Rjukan.
  2. During the WWII Vemork in Rjukan was in focus for their production of heavy water. The heavy water war stopped the Germans in developing the atom bomb.
  3. object from Tungtvannskjelleren on Vemork
    The beautiful, ungovernable Rjukan waterfall had the power, and the engineer, Sam Eyde, and the physicist, Kristian Birkeland, had the know-how.
  4. World Heritage Center in Notodden
    The Telemark Art Museum and World Heritage Center show art and industrial history in a beautiful industrial hall from the early nineteenth century.
    1. Footsteps of the saboteurs
      Join Telemark Opplevelser on their guided tour along the 'real' saboteur route, from Rjukan fjellstue to Vemork, where you cross the gorge!
    2. The sun mirrors bring sun down to Rjukan Square during winter months, when it is normally shady.
    3. Rjukan railway
      The Rjukan Railway was built by Norsk Hydro, and opened in 1909. It's a unique railway which enabled Sam Eyde to build a power station and factories.