Explore Telemark




  1. Visit Skien
    Welcome to Skien! Skien is located between to lakes and the Telemark Canal starts here. The famous playwright and poet Henrik Ibsen was born in Skien and you can visit his childhood home.
  2. 2 girls walk along the river in Porsgrunn
    Welcome to Porsgrunn, the city idyllically situated along the river. Visit the Porcelain factory and DuVerden for nice experiences. Brevik is a charming coastal city, with narrow streets winding between proud old wooden houses.
  3. Visit Bamble
    Langesund is a charming small coastal town in Bamble with a magnificent archipelago. There are old empire-style houses at Stathelle and south in Bamble you find Valle.
  4. Visit Siljan
    Siljan is a municipality by agriculture and forestry. The river Siljan flows through the area and is famous as an exellent reiver for canoeing. Siljan has a lot of small lakes for fishing.
  5. Top 10 attractions
    Ten adventures to look for in urban Telemark