Explore Telemark




  1. Visit Skien
    Skien is known as the “canal city” – the starting point of the Telemark Canal. In addition the world-famous playwright Henrik Ibsen was born and raised here, and the city boasts a rich cultural life.
  2. 2 girls walk along the river in Porsgrunn
    Welcome to Porsgrunn, the city idyllically situated along the river. Visit the Porcelain factory and DuVerden for nice experiences. Brevik is a charming coastal city, with narrow streets winding between proud old wooden houses.
  3. Visit Bamble
    Langesund is a charming small coastal town in Bamble with a magnificent archipelago. There are old empire-style houses at Stathelle and south in Bamble you find Valle.
  4. Siljan
    Siljan is a municipality by agriculture and forestry. The river Siljan flows through the area and is famous as an exellent reiver for canoeing. Siljan has a lot of small lakes for fishing.
  5. Top 10 attractions
    Ten adventures to look for in urban Telemark