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Austadveien 209, 3748, Siljan

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Siljanhjort operates deer farming in Siljan, and offers deer meat and elk meat, as well as processed deer and elk products. Here you can buy short-distance and traceable food of the highest quality.

Modern game slaughterhouse
All meat is inspected and approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.
In addition, we have a state-of-the-art game slaughterhouse, where we offer rental cutting and packing of meat.

Ordering meat
Ordering meat is done via the contact form on Siljan Hjort's website or by phone.

Greet the deer
You can contact Morten at Siljanhjort if you want to see the deer. It is an experience of the rare when the deer come running towards you and curious. They are very fond of carrots and eat benevolently from your hand.


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Tel: 976 12 282

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