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Cycling on an old railroad


3855, Treungen

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group of cyclists cycle over a bridge on the cycle path "old Treungenbanen"
  • group of cyclists cycle over a bridge on the cycle path "old Treungenbanen"
  • 2 cyclists cycle on the cycle path "old Treungenbanen"
  • 2 cyclists cycle past a tower on the cycle path "old Treungenbanen"
  • Bus with bicycle trailer that runs between Vrådal and Åmli in the summer
  • Bus with bicycle trailer that runs between Vrådal and Åmli in the summer
  • cyclist with dog on the cycle path "old Treungenbanen"
  • 2 cyclists relax in their respective hammocks along the cycle path "old Treungenbanen"
  • 2 cyclists look down on 2 kayaks paddling on the river
  • signage along the cycle path "old Treungenbanen"
  • cyclists take a break on a rock by the river along the cycle path "old Treungenbanen"
  • cyclist with dog on the cycle path "old Treungenbanen"

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This ride will take you along the historical railway track between Åmli and Treungen. The railway went from Arendal to Treungen, and was first called Arendal - Aamlibanen, then Tveitsundbanen and in 1926, Treungenbanen. The track was completed to Treungen in 1913, and was closed down in 1967. The railway was mainly used for transporting ore and timber, but also berries, honey and passengers.

Cultural monuments from the operating period of the railway, and from timber whistling in Nidelva characterizes the trip. Look for stone walls, water towers, stone bridges and old station buildings. The Station buildings are in private ownership, so please show respect for people who live there. The scenery is beautiful with rivers, lakes, mountains, rocks and forests.

You will mainly ride on the railway track, which has little incline and no car traffic. However, you will have to cross and ride along
trafficked roads in short streches. There are great spots for swimming in lakes and rivers.

We reccomend combining your ride with a hike on one of the amazing hiking tracks. There are suggestions marked with walking
symbols on the map. You will find cafés, shops and accommodation in Åmli and Treungen.
The ride fits cyclists of all ages.



  • length in km - 35


  • 3 hours


  • easy


  • bicycles

Intended audience

  • Adults
  • Family with children
  • Seniors

Nature and terrain

  • asphalt - 50%
  • gravel - 50%


  • May - Oktober


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Tel: 35045111

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