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Canvas Telemark - cycling holiday


Heimdal, 3855, Treungen

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  • group of cyclists at Canvas Telemark
  • Cyclist cycles on Svaberg in Nissedal
  • interior of the yurts at Canvas Telemark
  • the yurts at Canvas Telemark
  • Canvas Telemark in the evening
  • campfire in the middle of the water at Canvas Telemark
  • bed in the yurts of Canvas Telemark

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One of Norway's most exciting travel destinations? At Canvas Hotel Telemark you can experience glamping in luxurious yurt tents, incredible scenery, mountain biking at its very best, unforgettable camp life and fantastic food.

Canvas Hotel is unlike any other hotel! We are located in the middle of the wilderness two kilometers from the nearest road and 7 km from the nearest settlement. It is a place to enjoy the unique scenery that Telemark has to offer either on foot, fishing or in a canoe. However, most of the people visiting the hotel go on guided mountain biking trips on some of the best single track routes in Europe.

In 2010, Jan Fasting built this glamping hotel in the wilderness of Telemark. Nine years and 10,000 hours of working hours later, guests are flocking to get an experience that you will not get anywhere else.

Last year the camp had a major upgrade with a huge lounge-yurt with 5 meters up to the roof with hanging fireplace, a toilette in all tents and a "Maldives jetty" with its own campfire in the lake.

Individuals can book rooms on weekends, with a minimum of two days stay. For groups of 15 or more, the hotel also opens on request on weekdays.



  • marked tracks for mountain biking


  • Guided tour
  • outdoor hot tub
  • wood-fired sauna

Food and drinks

  • Gourmet


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Tel: +47 370 30 400

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