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Type:Historical monument

Borggrend, 3870, Fyresdal

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The Russvass dam, which has been a central element in timber floating in Fardøl since 1860, is an impressive structure with a needle dam dating back to 1893. This stone monument has played a significant role in the region's history and has undergone restoration to preserve its cultural value.

Construction of Russvassdammen
The current stone dam, built in 1893, consists of carefully hewn stones arranged as wedge-shaped blocks and features two openings. The Russvass dam is classified as a needle dam, where the main channel was closed off by vertical planks, typically sized at 2” x 4”. These planks were placed at the bottom of the dam against a horizontal bottom sill and at the top (in the dam crown) against a beam, also known as the needle support. During towing, the needles could be raised using the floating hook. The needles were often attached with a chain to the dam crown. When all the needles were raised, the timber could pass through the dam openings, where the needles hung loosely in the chains.

Cultural Monument in Borggrend
The Russvass dam in Borggrend is an impressive logging dam. This cultural monument is clearly signposted, and the surrounding area has been cleared to provide visitors with an authentic experience of the past. This needle dam from 1893, with its impressive stone structure and two openings, bears witness to a time when timber floating was a central part of the region's economy and transportation.


Map & Directions

Public Transport Directions

CarFrom down town Fyresdal you drive proxy 1.8 km on the main road 355. Turn left in the direction Birtedalen. After 10 km take the road to the right Borggrend on the sign. After 6 km you will find an information sign on the left hand side of the road.


Tel: +47 35 04 14 55

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