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Lien Farm

Type:Locally produced food

Liagrendveien 262, 3812, Akkerhaugen

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family of 6 walks along blossoming apple trees at Lien Gård
  • family of 6 walks along blossoming apple trees at Lien Gård
  • lady picks apples at Lien Gård
  • apples from Lien Gård
  • man and woman harvest apples Lien Gård

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Lien Gård is a farm located in Akkerhaugen, surrounded by the beautiful Norsjø lake. They produce apples, raspberries, gooseberries, and honey, which are all available for purchase in their farm shop. The yellow house in the middle of the yard is filled with seasonal produce.

The fruits, bees, and berries are grown with love in Telemark
Their slow maturation process through cool nights and long summer evenings, creates a unique flavor of acidity and freshness. With great craftsmanship, these raw ingredients are transformed into high-quality products that offer genuine culinary pleasure and unique taste experiences.

Order guided tour, cider tastings and picnic basket 
Lien Gård welcomes groups for cider tastings and tours, and they are happy to serve food for the tasting. Visitors can also order a picnic basket filled with the farm's produce and other local delicacies. Check out their website for booking information or send them an email for inquiries.

Sauna and a refreshing swim 
Moreover, the farm has its own sauna that visitors can book for a refreshing swim in Norsjø lake and a steamy sauna experience.

In addition to their farm shop, Lien Gård has a self-service farm outlet that is open all year round, from 8 am to 8 pm every day. They sell cider from 10 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday (from July 10 to August 15, also by appointment).

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Here at Lien Farm, located idyllically by Lake Norsjø, they produce apples, raspberries, gooseberries and honey. Through cool nights and long bright summer evenings, the fruit and berries ripen slowly, creating the characteristic taste of acidity and freshness.

Apples, bees, and berries grown with love in Telemark!
With expert craftsmanship, we refine the raw materials into products of the highest quality, all to provide you with genuine food joy and unique taste experiences.

Lien Farm produces cider, apple juice, lemonade, jams, and honey, all of which can be purchased in the farm shop. You'll find the yellow house in the middle of the courtyard filled with the season's assortment.

Book cider tastings, tours, or picnic baskets
We welcome groups for cider tastings and tours, and we are happy to serve some food for the tasting. It's also possible to order a picnic basket filled with the goodies we make and other local delicacies. Check our website for booking and information, or send us an email inquiry.

Take a sauna and a refreshing swim in Lake Norsjø
We also have our own sauna that can be booked for a refreshing swim in Lake Norsjø and a steamy sauna here in the heart of Telemark.

Farm shop
Lien Farm has a self-service farm shop open year-round.

Opening hours: 08:00 - 20:00 every day
Cider sales: 10:00 - 18:00 Monday - Saturday
(from July 10 to August 15 - also by appointment)


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Tel: 95430042

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guests enjoy themselves at Heit Telemark Sauna by Lien GårdHeit Telemark Sauna, Midt-TelemarkCombine a farm visit at Lien Gård with a visit to Heit Telemark Sauna and a refreshing bath in the beautiful Lake Norsjø.