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Gea Norvegica Unesco Global Geopark - Mikaelshulen

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3721, Skien

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Mikaels cave in Skien with an opening towards the water
  • Mikaels cave in Skien with an opening towards the water
  • lady with 2 children at Mikaelshulen
  • Mikaels cave in Skien
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North of Løveid locks along the Telemark Canal, lies Mikaelshulen - a mountain cave set in the rockface approx. 30 meters above the water surface. At the entrance, the cave is 5-6 meters high, and the room becomes larger inside. The cave reaches approx. 16 meters into the mountain.

The geology of Mikaelshulen
Mikaelshulen is a result of deep weathering of granitic gneisses and was later expanded by humans. During the last millions of years of ice ages, water has corroded its way through and removed much of the weathered parts of the rock wall.

Church in the Middle Ages 
Mikaelshulen was used as a church in the Middle Ages, dedicated to the archangel Michael, who in the revelation fights with his angels against the devil, in the form of a worm/snake or dragon.

How to come to Mikaelshulen
You can reach Mikaelshulen from the water and on foot. There's a small dock in Norsjø, just below the cave entrance, and a steep path up the mountainside. Or you can walk down from the top, from Skotfoss and Dalsbygda via a tractor road and path from Øvre Gisholt farm.

Be careful on the steep paths, especially the last part, that can become slippery when it rains.

Please park your car in designated parking area, not along the road!


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Tel: 91388445

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