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Mount Bjørge


Brøløsvegen 28, 3840, Seljord

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view of Seljordvatn from Bjørgefjell in Teemark
  • view of Seljordvatn from Bjørgefjell in Teemark
  • little boy and girl looking out over Seljord from Bjørgefjell
  • information board with starting point Bjørgefjell
  • 3 telemark cows
  • man looking out over lake Seljordvannet from Bjørgefjell
  • the path up to Bjørgefjell goes through forest terrain
  • view of Seljordvatn from Bjørgefjell
  • view from mount Bjørgefljell in Telemark
  • hiking sign towards Bjørgenuten
  • hiking sign towards Bjørgefjell
  • evening mood over lake seljordvatn in winter

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Cultural landscape and vantage points 
In Bjørgefjell you can choose different footpaths through the cultural landscape. The lower part of the route is graded medium, while the final ascent to the top of Mount Bjørgefjell is steep and challenging. Be aware that the waymarking is not optimal so pay attention to the signposting along the trail.

There are numerous idyllic spots along the way where you can stop, rest and enjoy the panoramic views of Lake Seljordsvatnet. Maybe you will see its alleged sea serpent?

You can start the trip from either Nordigard Bjørge or Seljord Camping. There is easy access from the main road. 

For an easier hike, you can choose to start in Grunningsdalen and follow the marked trail from here. Please note that this is a toll road and that parking is limited at the start of the trail.



  • length in km - 10 km


  • 3 hours


  • challenging
  • medium

Intended audience

  • Adults

Nature and terrain

  • forest
  • mountain


  • May - September


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Tel: 35050400

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