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Brøløsvegen 28, 3840, Seljord

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two walkers with a dog on top of mount Skorve
  • two walkers with a dog on top of mount Skorve
  • lady walking on mount Skorve with a view of seljordvatn
  • two walkers with a dog on top of mount Skorve
  • group of walkers and dog take a break and enjoy the view from Skorve
  • lady sitting on top of mount Skorve
  • views of the landscape around mount Skorve
  • two hikers stand on top of mount Skorve and look out over the landscape
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  • lady and dog sitting by a mountain lake on Skorve
  • group of hikers with dog on trip to mount Skorve

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Roundtrip Gøysen
A great and challenging day trip with formidable views of the Telemark mountains. You will quickly reach the treeline, so remember to pack some extra warm clothes and a windproof coat. Remember that the weather can change quickly in the mountains!

The start of the path is steep, taking you through dense forest before the landscape opens up and gives you great views over Kivledalen. There are signs along the way indicating the location of the planewreck. This is a detour from the trail of about one km round trip. The highest point of the trip is the beacon on Mount Gøysen at 1,370 m above sea level. From there you can enjoy views across almost all of Telemark. You walk the same way back (10.2 km round trip) to the car park.

Alternative route
Once you have reached the summit of Gøysen you can continue to the second highest peak, Mount Nordnibba (1,365 m). Be aware that there is poor marking and signposting between the two peaks so you should bring a map. From Nordnibba you can follow the footpath through the lush Finndalen Valley to Skriustøl and further down to the gravel road Kivledalsvegen. We recommend that you park a car at each end of the trail as the hike along the gravel road Kivledalsvegen and back to the car park is approximately 6 km. 

Starting point 
The footpath starts in the Kivledalen valley.  

Driving directions
Start at the tourist information centre in Seljord. Drive 500 metres west.Turn right up Gullnesvegen. You will drive through a residential estate with many side-roads off to the right and left, but keep on the main road. 10 minutes by car on the dirt road through the Kivledalen valley to the car park in Haugan.



  • length in km - 10 (14) km


  • 5 hours
  • 8 hours


  • expert

Intended audience

  • Adults
  • Family

Nature and terrain

  • mountain
  • steep


  • June - September


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