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Brøløsvegen 28, 3840, Seljord

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Welcome to Seljord

A treasure chest filled with culture
Beautiful Seljord in Upper-Telemark is a treasure chest just waiting to be opened. Visitors will find wild flowers growing on grass covered roofs, and children who still sing the songs their great-grandfathers sang. Did you know that “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” was the first written down by two Norwegians named Asbjørnsen and Moe? They travelled often to Anne Golid’s cabin in Seljord to hear her stories, which they included in their folk tale collections that are known around the world. The Reverend Magnus Brostrup Landstand, and Miss Olea Crøger hiked through the mountains and forests of Seljord collecting folk songs that we still hear today in Norwegian churches and in Norway’s thriving folk music movement.

A living heritage
Contemporary artists, author and musicians are bringing Seljord’s cultural heritage into the 21st century. New generators continue to find inspirations in Seljord’s local culture and history. “ Seljordspel” summer theatre based on local history attracts a large audience every year rain or shine. Young people from eastern and western Norway meet every year for a national folk dance and music competition. “Sommerutstillinga” is an important art show that attracts professional artists from all over Norway. There are also many private galleries in Seljord representing the best in modern Norwegian art. But you won’t only find art in the galleries, sculptures placed from one end of the village to another turn Seljord into a veritable sculpture park.

Dyrsku`n – The Agricultural Fair- a modern folk tale
If anything shows community spirit in Seljord it is the agricultural fair which has been arranged for 130 years. Seljord plays host to more than 60,000 visitors for three days in September. You will have to look pretty hard to find another festival like ours this far north!

The fair grounds (over 30 acres ) are fully equipped with all modern facilities. It is a popular place for all kind of activities, from national folk music competitions to the World Cup in Icelandic Equestrian Events (1997).

Community Spirit
Community spirit is part of Seljord`s living heritage. Granvin Civic Centre includes both a sports hall and theatre of the highest professional standards. The centre was build and funded almost entirely by community volunteers. Community spirit stretches out to the border of Seljord, where visitors will also find small community centres built by families living in the area. “Kunstlåven” – a restored barn, is Seljord Art Association’s exiting and unusual art gallery. This is the site for “sommarutstillinga” which attracts artists and art enthusiasts every July and August. It is also the home for Seljord`s lake serpent exhibit and the tourist office. Seljord Art Association’s Painters Club and other private galleries have exhibits throughout the summer. Come to Seljord this summer for an art experience – gallery listings will be posted at the Tourist Information Office.

Active vacation
Seljord is the –ideal place for an active vacation. Seljord Sports Club has turned “Eventyrøy” into an idyllic and modern sports park. Flatdal also has a sport s park with tennis courts and soccer fields. Seljord Lake invites you to boat and swim. It doesn’t take long to find a little cove all for yourself.

Go for a hike
Seljord is a paradise for all levels, whether you want to fill your kettle with water from Grunn Creek or enjoy the view from Skrove. Over 90 km of well marked trails proved nature seekers with challenged and beautiful experiences both summer and winter.

The sea serpent-and historical walking in Seljord. 
Take a walk to the art installations "into the landscape" around the Lake Seljord, and look for The Sea Serpent:

Grindekeiv on Manheimstrondi (R36). Around an houer steeply walking. Park your car at Sanden camping and follow the marked stairs.

Telnesøyane: This viwing point is located on the edge of Telnes islands. Approximately 15 min walk. Park your car at Telnes camping. This is a nice place to g fishing, and do some barbecuing.Foto:Dag Jenssen
Vebekkdalen at Garvikstrondi, near the road. Here you will have the opportunity to use the sauna.

The Sea Serpent tower is a high point by the lake Seljord. With its 17 meters airy construction it offers an amazing view over the lake, and the tower is a great lookout for scouting after the sea serpent. The footpath to the tower is built on stilts with benches along the sides.


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Tel: +47 35 05 04 00

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