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The Cultural Landscape Center in Telemark

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Rogrendvn. 13, 3690, Hjartdal

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The Cultural Landscape Center Telemark
  • The Cultural Landscape Center Telemark
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Ingvill Buen Garnås is a facilitator at the center, and she willingly imparts knowledge about species-rich meadows, lush stands of rowan trees, cultural heritage, and other cultural landmarks in the landscape. She is also a folk singer and often spices up her presentations with songs and storytelling traditions that naturally fit into the context. Both the historical and future-oriented values of the diverse, vibrant agricultural landscape are central to the communication at the Cultural Landscape Center. Ingvill has extensive experience as a communicator and speaks a language that reaches both professionals and the general public.

The road through the villages of Hjartdal, Svartdal, and Flatdal is called Sogevegen (Landlore Lane). This is because the area is exceptionally rich in stories, meaning narratives about the landscape and lived lives, nature, and superstitions. The peasant uprising in 1540 and later all the folklorists and artists who came to the area are also unique and exciting stories from this part of Telemark. At the Cultural Landscape Center, you can hear a little about everything or choose for yourself what you want to hear the most about. The center also often involves local talents, like Olav Tho, with all his knowledge of foliage and local history in general.

Location and opening hours
The visitor center for the Cultural Landscape Center is located near Hjartdal Church, divided into the premises of Holm General Store and the Cultural Landscape School, located 200 meters above (Rogrendvegen 13, 3690 Hjartdal). The general store and the Cultural Landscape School have the same opening hours throughout the summer season (June-August).

Entrance fee
The entrance fee to the exhibition at the Cultural Landscape School is 50 kr per person, free for those under 18 years old. Tickets can be purchased at the general store's cashier or via Vipps to 749661.

Groups and arangements
Throughout the year, the center also welcomes groups and customizes arrangements by appointment. A visit to the Cultural Landscape Center can consist of an introductory lecture and a guided tour within walking distance from Holm General Store/Cultural Landscape School, or it can be arranged as a walk or excursion to selected locations nearby.

The price for a program with a lecture and/or guided tour is 200 kr per person, minimum 10 people/2000 kr.


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Tel: 97 18 77 58

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