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HIking Søntvedtåsen

Type:Nature trails

3748, Siljan

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Duration: approx. 1 hr 30 min (5.4 km)
Difficulty level: Easy
Season: May–Oct

This hike takes you through an agricultural landscape made up of abandoned smallholdings and old cultivated land, much of it now overgrown. There are many waymarked footpaths in the area so you can make the hike longer or shorter if you wish.

Access: From county road 32 in Siljan, turn off towards Opdalen. Continue past Opdalsvannet lake and turn left on to Rustadvegen. After approx. 1 km you come to a bridge, where you can park in a small lay-by. If it’s full, continue to Nilsrud and park by the side of the road immediately before the barrier.

Description of hike: Start from the lay-by by the bridge on Rustadveien. Walk up the hillside and follow the ridge along. The route takes you both uphill and downhill. When you reach the logging road in Rekadalen, follow it for a few metres before turning on to a steep footpath down to Avsøla. From Avsøla, simply follow the road back to where you left your car.

You have to make a detour to reach the viewpoint, but it’s definitely worth a visit. There is a nice rest place with seating.


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