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Gautefall Biathlon

Type:Cross Country Ski Centre

Gautefall, 3750, Drangedal

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2 on the cross-country track at Gautefall Biathlon
  • 2 on the cross-country track at Gautefall Biathlon
  • Gautefall biathlon in winter
  • iluminated cross-country trails at Gautefall biathlon in winter
  • cross-country trails at the Gautefall biathlon in winter
  • cross-country trails at the Gautefall biathlon in winter
  • 2 on roller skis at the Gautefall biathlon
  • Product Image
  • Gautefall Biathlon in the summer, by the lake
  • Product Image
  • Product Image
  • Gautefall Biathlon in the summer,
  • Flag of Gautefall Biathlon

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At Gautefall you find one of Norway's most beautiful year-round biathlon facilities - Gautefall Biathlon. Here you get the joy of training all year round in the 4.3 km long light trail, within walking distance of Gautefall Ski lodge and Gautefall ski center

Biathletes, cross-country skiers, exercisers and professionals enjoy the facility at all ages. There are many training opportunities here all year round, which ski-loving tourists benefit from. Imagine 4,3 km of paved trails and 31 shooting targets. In addition, a training trail around the idyllic water at the facility.

You can swim here in summer and in the winter the water acts as a water reservoir for the snow cannon facility.

The track are illuminated all the way and the stadium itself is also lit. So here you just have to put on your skis or roller skis to enjoy the facility.

How to get to Gautefall
Gautefallheia is just over 1 hour from Grenland and Langesund, and about 2 hours from Kristiansand.


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Tel: 992 65 232

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