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Hiking trips at Rjukan

  1. Gaustatoppen is claimed to be one of the most beautiful mountains in Norway
    If you have a desire to hike to Gaustatoppen, the best place to start is Stavsro. The path is 4km one way, and suitable for both children and adults.
  2. City hike along the river Måna and through the city.
    Charming roundtrip in the town centre of Rjukan
  3. Great view towards Vemork at the end of the trail.
    The Saboteurs' trail is the world-famous route the Norwegian Resistance used during the Second World War.
  4. Solstien
    The shortest way from Rjukan to Hardangervidda
  5. Rasteplass, photo: Anne Bjørg Haugan
    THIS IS AN EASY TRIP for all the family through a beautiful landscape full of culture and history.

Accommodation at  Rjukan

Autumn at Gaustablikk

Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell

Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell is situated in beautiful surroundings by the foot of Gaustatoppen. An ideal hotel for nature lovers.

Gaustatoppen Lodge is one of many apartments

Gaustatoppen Booking - Apartments

Gaustatoppen Booking has the biggest selections of apartments at Destination Gaustatoppen.

view of Gaustatoppen from the dining room at the cottage to Gaustatoppen booking

Gaustatoppen Booking - Cabins and apartments

Gaustatoppen Booking has the biggest selections of cabins in the Gaustatoppen area. Alle cabins are well-equipped and keep a very high…

Attractions at Rjukan

  1. Gaustatoppen is one of few mountains in Norway that almost everyone can reach the top, due to the elevator inside the mountain, Gaustabanen.
    The mountain Gaustatoppen in Rjukan in Telemark county is easily accessable and one of the most beautiful mountains in Norway.
  2. Krossobanen
    Krossobanen was built in 1928 and was a gift from Norsk Hydro, so the townspeople could get up to see the sun during the winter.
  3. View from Hardangervidda National Park Center towards Møsvatn with "Fjellvåken"
    Interactive exhibition about wild reindeer.
  4. Vemork is mostly known for the heavy water war
    At the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum at Vemork you can see the unique exhibition about WWII as well as the industrialization of Rjukan.
  5. Gaustabanen inside Gaustatoppen
    Gaustabanen is a funicular railway, inside Gaustatoppen. This is a very unique touristattraction. No similiar railway is to be found in North-Europe!
  6. The sunmirror in Rjukan provides sun to the townspeople in wintertime.
    The sun mirrors bring sun down to Rjukan Square during winter months, when it is normally shady.

Restaurants and Cafés at Rjukan

guests sitting on the terrace of Krosso Fjellstue with a view of Mount Gausta

Krosso Fjellstue

Kafé Krossobanen can be found at Krossobanen's Upper Station.

Gaustatoppen Tourist cabin is open from week 7 and until week 41

Gaustatoppen Turisthytte

The lodge under the sky is the place that trekkers and mountaineers meet! Here you can enjoy a nice break and some snacks before you…

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