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Mountain Hiking

Our  5 recommendations for mountain hiking in Telemark

  1. 2 girls go for a walk on Hægefjell
    Hiking in Vrådal! to the majestic mountain top Hægefjell.
  2. two walkers with a dog on top of mount Skorve
    Skorve is one of the highest mountains in Seljord, with two peaks: Mount Gøysen and Mount Nordnibba. During WWII two planes crashed into the mountain.
  3. group of adults and children walking on the sherpastie
    Get a panoramic view of Hardangervidda! Sherpas from Nepal have built a beautiful stone step up to the viewpoint. Falkeriset is named after the falcon hunting in the area. Suitable for people from 2 to 90 years.
  4. Lifjell has a varied, manifold landscape with high peaks, deep valleys with water, and wild river ravines.
  5. Lådalstigen is a fantastic hike between Dalen and Lårdal. A large part of the hike follows the mountain ridge 800 metres above the Telemark Canal.