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Hiking trips at Dalen

  1. Lådalstigen is a fantastic hike between Dalen and Lårdal. A large part of the hike follows the mountain ridge 800 metres above the Telemark Canal.
  2. 2 ladies sitting at a table at Rui Square looking at a map
    A walk packed full of culture and history.
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    Charming walk along the Telemark Canal, past the historic Dalen Hotel, beautiful Soria Moria Sauna and through the "jungle" and river delta at Buøy island.
  4. drone image of Brynesteinbruddet at Dalen
    Exciting hiking route from Vest-Telemark Museum in Eidsborg to the historic whetstone quarry.
  5. Round trip from Dalen where you cross the river Tokkeåi via the suspension bridge over Helveteshylen (Hell)

Accommodation at Dalen

Here you can see Lårdal from Bandak where the camping is on the left.

Bandak Camping Lårdal

A small and cosy camping right next to Bandak. Placed between a idyllic beach and the harbour for boats at the Telemark Canal.

Buøy Camping Dalen

Buøy Camping Dalen

Cosy camping in Dalen with cabins, rooms and camping

Hallbjønn Høyfjellsenter

Hallbjønn Høyfjellsenter

Hallbjønnsekken Høyfjellsenter in magnificent mountain terrain

Attractions at Dalen

  1. To experience the rich cultural heritage and traditions of West Telemark, VTM Eidsborg is an excellent place to start.
    1. 1 May 202315 Sep 2023
  2. Eidsborg stave church, Vest-Telemark Museum.
    Charming, small stave church. Located by West Telemark Museum in Eidsborg.
    1. 1 May 202315 Sep 2023
    2. 15 Jun 202315 Aug 2023
  3. Rui in autumn
    In the steep mountainside over Dalen lies the famous little farm Rui.
  4. the ducks in the garden at Dalen Hotel
    Dalen Hotel is a beautiful fairytale hotel build in 1894 in grand romantic style with dragon heads, towers, pinnacles and balconies.
    1. Here at Grimdalstunet you can get a glimpse into the home of the artist Anne Grimdalen. A mountain farm from the 1600s which today houses a museum with art gallery.
      1. 25 Jun 202315 Aug 2023
    2. Aamdals Verk Mines, Vest-Telemark Museum.
      Exciting copper mine in a small community built upp due to mining.
      1. 25 Jun 202315 Aug 2023
    3. Dalen Villmarkssenter offers photohides for rent for photography of various birds, birds of prey and animals.
    4. 350m high cliff with buoyancy!
    5. For about 1000 years Tokke has had an export industry of whetstones. For Norwegian Vikings whetstone from Eidsborg was an effective weapon for throwing as the historic sagas tell us.

    Restaurants and Cafés

    Høydalsmo Vegkro

    Høydalsmo Vegkro

    Cosy roadside cafe in Høydalsmo

    Hallbjønnsekken Fjellstue

    Hallbjønnsekken Fjellstue

    Hallbjønnsekken Fjellstue with home-cooked meals and pleasant atmosphere.

    Lastein Brygggekafe and MS Henrik Ibsen which is located on a pier in Dalen

    Lastein Bryggjekafé

    Lastein Bryggjekafe is a nice little summer restaurant on the pier at Dalen and is the arrival point for the veteran ships M/S Henrik…