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Top 5 Hiking Trails

What kind of hike are you looking for in Telemark?

  1. View point / Summit trip
    HikingTelemark has gathered some of the best hikes with the best views! Gaustatoppen offers Southern Norway's widest view where you can actually see 1/6th of all of Norway! Lårdalstigen will take you 800 meters above the Telemark Canal with a hike that goes along the mountain peaks on the western side of the Telemark Canal.
  2. Cultural Hiking
    You can experience the best of nature and culture while hiking in Telemark! Hiking is so much more than just taking a hike; with the addition of narrative, design and local delicacies you can be sure that your hiking experience will reach new levels.
  3. Children
    Hiking is fun for young and old! The smallest of family members like to go on a walking trip themselves. We have many recommendations for great hiking experiences for the whole family here at HikingTelemark.
  4. Historical Trails
    Hike through beautiful nature and learn more about the culture and history of Telemakr at the same time. Telemark has a strong cultural identity that's flourishing with history. It is no wonder they call Telemark for the cradle of norwegian culture! In HikingTelemark you can find many hiking trails that will take you back in time.
  5. Urban hiking
    Explore some of Norway's most beautiful villages by foot! Surround yourself with cosy houses from yore and see why we Norwegians love hiking in the nearby area!
  6. Mountain Hiking
    The norwegian nature with its majestic mountain ranges had made the tradition of hiking a natural one. Do you dream of putting on your hiking shoes and explore the mountain ranges with an abundance of spectacular viewpoints? In HikingTelemark we can help you on your way!