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View point / Summit trip

Our top 5 reommendations for hiking with a view in Telemark

  1. Gaustatoppen is claimed to be one of the most beautiful mountains in Norway
    If you have a desire to hike to Gaustatoppen, the best place to start is Stavsro. The path is 4km one way, and suitable for both children and adults.
  2. This is a great hike to the mountain top, Skuggenatten in Treungen.
  3. lady walking on mount Skorve with a view of seljordvatn
    Skorve is one of the highest mountains in Seljord, with two peaks: Mount Gøysen and Mount Nordnibba. During WWII two planes crashed into the mountain.
  4. 2 ladies enjoy the view of vråvatn from venelifjell in Vrådal
    This is a great, family-friendly summit trip! Mount Venelifjellet – literally “the beautiful mountain” – carries its name well and is a popular hiking destination in Vrådal and Telemark.
  5. The trail starts at Vierli Kafeteria by the subway under the main road. Follow the marked trail to the top of Mount Vierlinuten (1,100 m above sea level).

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