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Hiking Trails

Choose your level of difficulty

  1. Easy
    Hiking trails with green gradation are suitable for beginners and requires no special skills or equipment. Trail type: asphalt, gravel, forest and good trails. Less than two hours in duration. Elevation difference: less than 200 metres.
  2. Medium
    For hikers with basic skills. Less than four hours in duration. Trail type: like green trails, but can have more demanding stretches. Elevation difference: less than 400 metres.
  3. Challenging
    For experienced hikers in good physical shape/condition. These hikes require appropriate hiking equipment. Trail type: trails, open terrain, rock, scree and bare rock. Less than six hours in duration. Elevation difference: less than 800 metres.
  4. Expert
    Hikes suitable for experienced mountaineers only. Hikers must be in good physical shape/condition. The hikes require good hiking equipment, plus use of map and compass.Trail type: longer and/or more technically challenging than red trails. No maximum duration. Elevation difference: no maximum.