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Hiking trips in Vrådal

  1. Hiking in Vrådal! to the majestic mountain top Hægefjell.
  2. 2 ladies enjoy the view of vråvatn from venelifjell in Vrådal
    This is a great, family-friendly summit trip! Mount Venelifjellet – literally “the beautiful mountain” – carries its name well and is a popular hiking destination in Vrådal and Telemark.
  3. A GREAT HIKE FOR THOSE WHO ARE light on their feet – the mountainside is steep.
  4. At the tip of the Røyrodden promontory on the shores of Lake Nisser you can see a number of large stone piles on the eroded rocks.
  5. This is a great hike to the mountain top, Skuggenatten in Treungen.
  6. Roan. Photo: Gunhild Momrak
    THIS IS A DEMANDING TRIP with great views from the summit.
  7. A fascinating trip quite different from any other hiking destination in Fyresdal. 10,3 km roundtrip / 4-5 hours.

Accommodation in Vrådal

overview over lake Nisser at Vrådal

Vrådal Holiday Apartments

Vrådal Holiday Apartments consists of modern apartments for 4-8 persons. Situated in the center of Vrådal, with a magnificent view…

Vrådal Hyttegrend

Vrådal Hyttegrend

Vrådal Hyttegrend is located with a beatiful view of lake Nisser and the surrounding mountains. 20 cabins for rent for up to 8 persons.

Entrance Straand Hotel in winter

Straand Hotel

Straand Hotel  - in the middle of the beautiful Telemark region in south-eastern Norway. A full service hotel well known for its many…

Attractions in Vrådal

  1. the veteran boat MS Fram on Nisser
    The veteran boat M/S Fram sails scheduled boat trips from Vrådal on lake Nisser throughout the summer.
  2. children jump on the trampoline at Straand Sommerland in Vrådal
    Straand Summerland is located on the lakeside in Vrådal and features a playground, a beach, boat rental, beach volleyball and a summer cafè.
  3. Lockmuseum situated at Småstraum Lock in Vrådal. The museum shows the history of Northern Europe's highest standing locks, the boat traffic on lakes Vråvatn and Nisser around the turn of the last century and log floating and the building of the locks.
    1. 1 Jan 201731 Dec 2017
  4. What did a prosperous farm in West-Telemark look like about 200 years ago? At Kviteseid museum of local history you will find the answer.
    1. 25 Jun 202215 Aug 2022
    2. 25 Jun 202215 Aug 2022
    3. 1 Jan 000131 Dec 9999
  5. Vrådal Golf is a 9-hols course beautifully situated on an island i Vrådal, Telemark. Open every day May-September.

Restaurants and Cafés in Vrådal

mother and child sitting in restaurant at Straand Hotel

Straand Hotel - Bar & restaurant

Restaurant and cafe open daily!

Handelslaget Café

Handelslaget Café

Café in the centre of Vrådal. Serves cakes and baked goods, icecream, small dishes and hot and cold drinks.

Straand Summerland Bar

Straand Summerland Bar

Straand Summerland summer café is located on the lakeside in Vrådal. In addition to the café you will find a playground, a beach, boat…

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