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Telemark Husky Tour

Type:Dog sledding

3864, Rauland

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dogs from Telemark Husky Tours pull carriage in summer
  • dogs from Telemark Husky Tours pull carriage in summer
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Merete and Espen have been working with dog sledding for several years. To be able to do dog sledding full time, they finally opened their own business at the end of April 2019. Today they have a total of 16 dogs on the farm and do tourist driving. In the summer they ride carts while using sled in winter.

The guests can choose from the following tours:

5 km round trip
The tour lasts about 60 minutes and begins with the introduction on how to use the sled and how to work with the dogs. There are 2 people per sled that switch driving. One steer, and one is passenger, we switch half way on the way so everyone gets to drive the dog sled.

Half-day tour
For those who want to get the real feeling of dog-sled riding, they offer longer trips up to 20 km. Here they go even deeper into the mountains with 5-7 dogs per sled, and you really get time to learn how to tackle the sled and the dogs. The tour is not recommended for younger children, as they can get a little cold after a while. The 20 km tour takes about 3 hours including a small stop with lavvo for something hot to drink.

Day tour
Participants will be allowed to harness the dogs and run their own dog team with 5-6 dogs. You learn how to put the harness on the dogs and how to control the sled. There are 2 people per sled that switch driving. One is steer, and one is passenger, so they change several times along the way. The guide goes first with his dog team and your dogs will follow naturally. On this trip you will experience both high mountain terrain and low forest terrain.
The tour includes a stop halfway through the trip in the lavvo or inside the mountain if the weather permits. Here guests can enjoy a hot lunch and hot drinks. You should be in normal physical condition to participate in this tour.







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Tel: + 47 995 02 292

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