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Vidsyn Midjås

Type:Unique accommodation

Midjåsvegen 333, 3880, Dalen

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cabin to Vidsyn Midjås with a view over the valley
  • cabin to Vidsyn Midjås with a view over the valley
  • hammock on the terrace of the cottage at Vidsyn Midjås in Dalen
  • lady enjoying herself on the terrace by Vidsyn Midjås' cabin
  • hammocks at Vidsyn Midjås
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  • bed and dining table in Vidsyn Midjås' cabin
  • interior in the cabin of Vidsyn Midjås
  • terrace by the cottage of Vidsyn Midjås
  • kitchen in Vidsyn Midjås' cabin


Experience a magical and unique accommodation offer in the forest at Midjås in Tokke municipality. Here, Vidsyn Midjås welcomes you to an unforgettable experience in the midst of nature with a fantastic view of the mountains and forest, and Lake Bandak.

Stay in beautiful glass cabins
Enjoy a comfortable stay in modern glass cabins with stunning views of Dalen and Lake Bandak. Here, you'll live close to nature and wildlife while sleeping in cozy beds and enjoying a Nespresso in bed. You can choose between two glass cabins, one accommodating two people and another accommodating three people. Each cabin has its own fire pit for cozy conversations under the starry sky. If you wish to grill, there are facilities available.

Hammock Park
If you feel like sleeping outdoors under the open sky, there is a small hammock park available.

Shared service building
The service building offers showers, a kitchen, and a veranda.

Self-service breakfast
During your stay at Vidsyn Midjås, start your day with a delicious self-served breakfast served every morning in the cozy common living room.

Rental of hiking equipment
There is a storage room with various hiking equipment available for rental, such as berry pickers, mushroom knives, maps, snowshoes, flashlights, buckets, and more. The area is great for mushroom and berry picking, and you can take home what you gather.

Guests at Vidsyn Midjås can use a cozy wood-burning sauna in the middle of the forest.


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Tel: 90 75 14 12

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sauna at Vidsyn MidjåsSauna at Vidsyn Midjås, TokkeWhen you stay in the charming cabins of Vidsyn Midjas, you can reserve the private wood-burning sauna.