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Lårdal Treetop cabins

Type:Tree top hut

Lårdalsvegen 521, 3891, Høydalsmo

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Close to the small farm Tvigyva in Lårdal in Telemark, you will find a completely unique accommodation experience, a luxurious treetop cabin, 8 meters above the ground. Karoline and Magnus welcome guests both to the farm and in the treetops.

Luxurious treetop cabin with room for 6 people
The treetop cabin, Elvehytta, is built in a beautiful Nordic style with integrated furniture and comfortable sleeping space for 6 people. It sits in the trees right above the Lårdalsåi river, which flows into lake Bandak. This is truly a luxurious treetop cabin with a full kitchen, biotoilet, loft, sleeping alcove, and a sitting area.

Starry sky, birdsong, and wildlife
Lie down under the starry sky and swaying treetops that you can see through the skylights and wake up to wildlife and the sound of the river through panoramic windows. Norway's wilderness in rural areas offers many wildlife experiences. The area is home to moose, deer, roe deer, foxes, hares, squirrels, and rich bird life, making this an unforgettable experience. The couple have squirrels on the veranda, where they feed the birds on a daily basis. 

Activity offerings at Lårdal Treetop Cabins
Karoline and Magnus also offer activities ranging from boat trips with fishing and "eagle safaris" to dog sledding, farming courses, and nature therapy with a sauna.

Lårdal Treetop Cabins is open all year round.


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Tel: 960 42 035

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