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Tåtøy are a few square kilometers and consists of partially wooded, partially populated outcrops. The highest point is Høgda 96 meters above sea level. Approximately 200 people inhabiteing Tåtøy and until the spring of 2012, Tåtøy had it`s own small school, Tåtøy school, with around 30 students. The school was closed du to cutbacks in Kragerø municipality economy. Kragerø Fjordbåtselskap operates a shuttle ferry between Tåtøy and Stabbestadveien, Skåtøy and Kragerø.

Tåtøy was long divided between two farms, Eastern and Western Tåtøy. From the ferry landing on Manodden you should walk the Skolebakken to the right. On the journey passing the former old school (from 1894) you will come past these two well-preserved farms. East Tåtøy is a hobby farm that belonged to war Commissioner Henrich Georg Tønder. The house is preserved as it was at Tønders time. The buildings on Tåtøy had it`s boom in the 1860s. In the 1950s there were about 300 residents and 1970s around 250. The island used to have two shipyards.

The name Tåtøy
In year 1400 Tåtøy was written Thotkøy and in 1577 the name was changed to Thottøen, but already in 1585 it was changed again to Tottønn. 80 years after there was made another change in this name, now it was changed to Taadøen.The name Tåtøy has probably originated from the lake Toke in Drangedal. The river running from there once where called Totka and as soon as this river hits the sea, it also hits Tåtøy, hence the name Thotkøy.

Celebrities quotes about Tåtøy
Edvard Munch (1863-1944) should once have called Kragerø and nearby islands, for "pearl among coastal cities."Erik Werenskiold" (1855-1938) will often have stayed at Tåtøy summers. He often painted motifs from this island, including the famous oil painting "Shepherds" from 1882. He was among the early troll illustrators in Norway, and is believed to have meant it stayed trolls on the islands near Tåtøy.

Please note the following terms in regards to the express boat Perlen: Only hand baggage is allowed on board Perlen, passengers with lots of luggage/goods may be referred to our ferries. In Kragerø city center the express boat Perlen goes from the pier next to the taxiboats, behind the white houses at the ferry port.


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