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Fyresdalsvegen 4319, 3870, Fyresdal

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man paddling in a canoe at Fiskebusøylen
  • man paddling in a canoe at Fiskebusøylen
  • cabin for Fiskebustøylen in Fyresdal near the water
  • overview picture of the Fiskebustøylen in Fyresdal
  • cabin for Fiskebustøylen in Fyresdal
  • lady walks along the beach in Fyresdal
  • man paddling in a canoe on a lake in Fyresdal
  • group that has yoga by the water at Fiskebusøylen
  • cabin for Fiskebustøylen in Fyresdal
  • trout


Fiskebustøylen is an old mountain farm at Valebjørgheia in Fyresdal with known activity dated back to late the 1800s. Today you may rent cabins, fishing and hunting, and the area is excellent for all kinds of outdoor activities. To reach Fiskebustøylen you’ll have to drive 6,2 km into the mountains from the farm Valebjørg Søndre. Fiskebustøylen is open from mid-May to November.

Choose between three cabins
Fiskebu is the largest cabin and has eleven beds, WC and shower, gas stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Olavsbu has five beds (two of which are in an open loft), bio- toilet and shower, stove top, and refrigerator. Rundebu fits two people and is equipped with bio-toilet and shower, stove top, and refrigerator.

At Fiskebustøylen there is also a larger cabin called the Boathouse, where you can hold birthday parties, meetings and so on. Events such as yoga camps and fly-fishing camps have been held here. The cabin seats 30 people.

Hike along narrow paths and fish for brown trout in 32 lakes of varying sizes 
The lakes lie around 500 to 780 meters above sea level. It’s possible to rent boats or canoes in some of the lakes. If you want to fish at Valebjørgheia, you first must buy a fishing license at the farm Valebjørg Søndre.

Travel into nature’s embrace and experience inner calm and stillness. Welcome to Fiskebustøylen.


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Tel: 41 59 40 57

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