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Eidsborgvegen 361A, 3880, Dalen

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  • View towards Dalen
  • Heddebu - a small cabin open for hikers, Please sign our guest book!
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  • challenging
  • expert


14 km



  • 8 hours


Nature and terrain

  • mountain
  • steep



  • May - Oktober
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Intended audience

  • Adults

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Description of the hike
Lårdalstigen is a challenging, but fantastic hike with spectacular views from the edge of the mountain ridge above the Telemark Canal.

The inner part of the Telemark Canal is surrounded by steep and wild mountains. Along the mountain ridge from Dalen to Lårdal, there is a cleared hiking trail that offers many spectacular and exciting experiences. Much of the hike takes place on the mountain edge up to 800 meters above the Telemark Canal. Along this hike there is also a beautiful flora and the geology is very special. Here you can greet the rugged silhouttes of "Risen og Gygri", which stand in stone in front of the edge of the mountain, and read about the legend associated with these rock formations, or look at Bandak lake deep below you through the magnificent "Møyskrivet". 

Gløstøylnuten is the highest peak on the hike with its 848 masl. The view over the fjord and the surrounding mountains is both wide, wild and beautiful. Perhaps you will also spot osprey? 

Where does the hike start?  
Most people choose to start the hike at the top of Eidsborgberget, above Dalen, and hike to Lårdal, but it is also of course possible to start in Lårdal and hike the opposite way. Should we make a recommendation, it is a nicer hiking experience to start in Dalen and hike to Lårdal. Plan your hike and start early in the morning (08-09 am), then you will catch the afternoon boat from Lårdal in time. You must estimate 7-8 hours on the full hike (minimum 6 hours). Park your car at the pier area in Dalen (long-term parking on the opposite side of the motorhome parking), here you can park for free. Call Tokke Taxi on tel. + 47 909 71 909, they drive you up to the starting point in Eidsborgberget (4 km) at a fixed price of NOK 250.

Bring plenty of water, a good lunch and hiking snacks and wear good hiking shoes. 

The total length of the hike is 14 km and a long days hike, or you can bring your tent or hammock and make it a 2 day hike. There is also a small cabin along the way, Heddebu, which is open to hikers sleeping 2 people (drop-in). 

Lårdalstigen has become incredibly popular, which we think is very cool! The canal boats are experiencing great demand, and therefore it can be good to know that you also can take the morning boat out from Dalen to Lårdal and start the hike from Lårdal. We want as many people as possible to experience the hike and transport you to your starting point!

The boat trip on one of the old historic boats is an essential part of the Lårdalstigen hiking experience! Whether it is trip starting or ending the hike, enjoy a great boat tripfrom the deck on M / S Victoria or M / S Henrik Ibsen on the Telemark Canal. 

Remember to prebook your boat tickets!

No matter which direction you choose, Lårdalstigen is a challenging, but fantastic hike! Along the hiking trail, new, beautiful information boards have been set up that spice up the hiking experience! Bring plenty of water, a good lunch and snacks, and wear good hiking shoes.

If the canal boats are fully booked, or it is off season for the canal boats, Tokke Taxi will drive you between Lårdal and Dalen at a fixed price of NOK 700 for the car. Alternatively, you can put a car at each end if you have the opportunity to do so. Please contact us for advice or questions.  

The beautiful village of Lårdal by Bandak offers idyllic places and a cozy pier area with ferry berths for the boats on the Telemark Canal. There is also accomocation and eating place in Lårdal; Bandak Camping and Lårdal Marina. Please be aware that opening hours for serving - and accommodation in spring and autumn may vary, feel free to check with us before you set off so that you are prepared to what applies when you have planned the trip.

Round trip option
If you do not have the possibility to hike the whole Lårdalstigen hiket, you can park your car in Støylsdalen and hike a 6 km round trip around Gløstøylnuten (848 masl) and back to the start in Støylsdalen. Contact the tourist office for more information. 

Key facts
Day trip, 14 km one way

Time: 6-8 hours one way 


Accessible: May - October (depending on weather conditions, check with us before you go!)

Map: Hiking map Tokke 1 : 50 000 and Miniguide Lårdalstigen hike 

Remember to wear sneakers with good soles or hiking boots, and to bring plenty of water (at least 2-3 litres on warm days).

The ferry boats come in to Lårdal in the afternoon in high season May-August. Henrik Ibsen leaves Lårdal on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 17.00 and Victoria on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 17.55.

If you want to take the morning ferry from Dalen to Lårdal, the departure time for Henrik Ibsen is Mon, Tue, Thu and Sat at 08:50, and for Victoria Wed, Fri and Sun at 08:00 (high season May-August) 

In low season September - October only M / S Henrik Ibsen operates on the Telemark Canal, please check the timetable before you set off, and book the boat in advance! 

Time table Telemark Canal 

Booking Telemark Canal

Useful phone numbers: 
Booking Telemarkskanalen: +47 409 20 000

Visit Dalen: +47 35 07 56 56 

Tokke Taxi: +47 909 71 909

Package deal at Dalen Hotel: 
Combine the hike Lårdalstigen with a historical canal boat trip on the Telemark Canal and accommodation at the fairytale Dalen Hotel

From NOK 2890,- per person/night, double occupancy. The package is available during the canal boat season.
The package includes boat ticket from Lårdal to Dalen, breakfast and a 4-course dinner. Book your package here.  

The hotel supplies you with a packed lunch including sandwiches, a cold drink, chocolate and fruit (remember to pack plenty of extra water). The boat fare is also included in the package. Please note that this is a mountain hike best suited for the for the physically fit.



  • hiking trails - marked


  • boat trips
  • hiking
  • mountain hiking
  • nature trails
  • recreational facility


  • length in km - 14 km


  • 8 hours


  • challenging
  • expert

Intended audience

  • Adults

Nature and terrain

  • mountain
  • steep


  • May - Oktober


Map & Directions

Road Directions

Driving directions 

If you drive along the E-134, take the exit in Høydalsmo on Fv 450 towards Dalen. About 1 km after you have passed Eidsborg, there is an exit on the left hand side (sign Lårdalstigen), just before you start on all the turns down towards Dalen.

From Dalen, follow Fv 450 towards Høydalsmo. At the top of Eidsborgberget, after approx. 4 km, right after the blue Eidsborg town name sign, there is an exit on the right (sign Lårdalstigen). Parking at the end of the gravel road (not in front of the tunnel entrance). We would recommend that you park on the pier area in Dalen (free, oppsite of the motorhome parking)) and take a taxi up to the starting point (NOK 200). Then yout car is easily accessible when you come ashore with the canal boat, and it is also limited with space in the parking lot at the starting point in Eidsborgberget, and in addition to the fact that there is a little scary entry and exit here.

If you come from Åmot on fv 38, you drive through Dalen towards the pier.

If you want to start in Lårdal, you can follow the signs to Lårdal from Fv 450 between Høydalsmo and Dalen. Halfway down towards  the pier in Lårdal there is parking on the left side by Eben-Ezer.


Tel: +47 35 07 56 56

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