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The Museum Farmer

Type:Farm with activities

Museumsvegen 9, Museumsvegen 9, 3891, Høydalsmo

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The museum farmer, Vest-Telemark Museum.
  • The museum farmer, Vest-Telemark Museum.
  • The museums farmer at Vest-Telemark Museum Eidsborg
  • The museum farmer at Eidsborg in springtime.
  • The museum farmer, Eidsborg.
  • Museum farmer, Vest-Telemark Museum in Eidsborg.
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  • Harvest, museumsfarmer, Vest-Telemark Museum Eidsborg.
  • Harvest, museum farmer, Vest-Telemark Museum Eidsborg.
  • Museum farmer, harvest, Vest-Telemark Museum in Eidsborg, Tokke.

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Daniel Høstberger is a local farmer that runs his own farm in old traditional manner. He uses the
horse and old fashioned equipment, milks his cows by hand and eats what he harvests. During
summer season he is our “Museum Farmer” in Eidsborg. He plows and maintains the fields,
sows and harvests. He grows hops and stacks grain.
You can be part of the farming activities during the summer season.The horse will be used for
many of the tasks such as plowing and bringing lumber from the forest.
In the field you will find potatos, carrots, onions and turnips, beans and cabbage. Also a field of
barley and flax.
Not everybody has seen flax growing and Daniel will be able to tell you the story of flax from the
field to the loom. Our hope is to be able to use the old sauna to dry the flax this summer.


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Tel: 35069090

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