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Tangen Fort

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3970, Langesund

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Tangen Fort lies at the outermost point on Langesundtangen, south of the town of Langesund. The area is a nature reserve of geological interest, with fossils and calcareous bedrock. The unique soil type supports many rare species, including insects, plants, fungi and lichen. The vegetation at Tangen Fort is characterised by calcareous lime forest with elements of ash – Norway maple – hazel forest, hazel scrub and areas of calcareous pine forest. Calcareous lime forest is a habitat that is home to many endangered species of ground-dwelling fungi. A total of 12 red-listed species of fungi have been recorded here, eight of which are considered to be endangered. Several red-listed lichen and insects are also found here.

In the 1930s, Langesundstangen was used by the people of Langesund for walking and recreation, as well as social gatherings and dances. Benches were placed for people to enjoy the views. During the Second World War, the Germans built tunnels, rock caverns, trenches, bunkers and gun emplacements. The tunnels and bunkers in the rocks are now closed, but many of the constructions are clearly visible in the landscape. The Germans also erected a drawbridge, which still stands at the main entrance to the area. Tangen Fort was used by the Royal Norwegian Navy until 1996, and the area was opened to the public in 1998.

It’s a great place for walking but the nature here is vulnerable, so it’s important to stay on roads and footworn paths. Help us to look after this place and its nature by tidying up after yourself. Feel free to pick berries! The nature reserve is subject to the same rules on fishing, hunting, dogs and traffic as elsewhere in the area. It is important to keep dogs on a lead in the period from 1 April to 20 August when leads are mandatory.

There are several places to park when visiting Tangen Fort.

-    There is a car park at Furustranda beach, from where you can follow the coastal path to the tip of Tangen Fort. The path offers great views of the lighthouse on Langøya.

-    It’s also possible to park at Steinvika, which is a protected area next to Tangen Fort. Steinvika is part of the Geo Norvegica Geopark thanks to its distinctive geology, which includes many fossils. The coastal path here also leads to the tip of Tangen Fort.

-    If you want to cross the drawbridge, park by the Skipperhuset and follow the asphalted and gravelled road to the tip of Tangen Fort. This route is less undulating than the paths mentioned above. You can also park by Rådhuset – the town hall – and in the centre of Langesund, and follow Tangenveien southwards.

Another option is to park in Krogshavn and follow the coastal path via Steinvika, but this is a slightly longer route.



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    Recent Reviews:

    • Ragnar Georg S
      Porsgrunn Municipality, Norway
      Trip Type:
      The end of the world - you se nothing but the ocean
      5 of 5 stars
      Wednesday, 6th September 2017
      This is the 'must do / must see' location whenever friends visits us at our nearby summer house/ cabin. Extraordinary nice view over the ocean where nothing is seen but ocean and you litterarely see... Read full review
    • Antonio S
      Kongsberg, Norway
      Trip Type:
      Nice walk and interesting history
      4 of 5 stars
      Sunday, 1st April 2018
      This is an opportunity to engage with nature, learn about history and get an amazing view of the ocean. Easy for all ages and definitely an hour or so well spent. Go for it. Read full review
    • MikeHok
      Stathelle, Norway
      nice place
      5 of 5 stars
      Thursday, 26th March 2020
      i like this play because i live there you know man. if you are in langesund you should come here and walk around maan. Read full review

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