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Trolldalen Kystfort

Type:Nature trails

3967, Stathelle

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Trolldalen Kystfort, beautifully located right on the water’s edge in Bamble, was built by the Germans during World War II. Today the coastal fort is a great place to explore as it offers panoramic views of the ocean and skerries. Bunkers, runways and cannon positions can still be viewed up close.

You’ll find Trolldalen only 1 km from the summer town of Valle, accessible from both Valleveien and from the sea.

History of Trolldalen coastal fort
In 1941 the Germans had three cannon and heavy machine guns in position here. They were also able to defend themselves against air strikes due to four bunkers, two for the defense and two used as shelters for the staff. Between the installations, runners and ammunition were stored in the mountain. The Germans left the fort in 1943, and it was never taken over by the Norwegian defense and that is why it’s quite unique. In 2012 a cannon was taken from Trandum and set up as an illustration at the fort.

Many believe that this facility was built due to a navigation error made by the Germans. That it was supposed to have been built in Trolldalen near Kristiansand.

Great views of the archipelago
From the fort’s highest point, you get great views over the archipelago that separates Bamble and Kragerø municipality. The idyllic islands of Stråholmen and Jomfruland can also be seen from here.

Access Trolldalen from the coastal path
The fort is easily accessed from the beautiful Bamble coastal path. Follow the access road to Trolldalen, about 100m, and take a left up the hill. You will see the fort at the end of the road.

Access / parking
Take the E18 from Åby and follow the signs for Valle. Park in the marked spaces along Valleveien and return to the sign for Trolldalen. Follow the road towards the sea and then the gravel road on your right, marked Trolldalen. The area can be difficult to access with a wheelchair / pram and for those with mobility impairments.

Toilet / service: You’ll find the nearest shop / cafe / toilet at Valle.


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Tel: 35 90 55 20

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