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Fjonjeferga - Cable ferry on lake Nisser

Type:Veteran boat

Fjone, 3854, Nissedal

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The Fjone ferry with 2 cars and several people on board operates over Lake Nisser in Telemark
  • The Fjone ferry with 2 cars and several people on board operates over Lake Nisser in Telemark
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  • The ferry Fjone - Nissedal "Fjoneferja"
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Fjoneferja, MF Nissen, in Nissdal transports you across Fjonesundet, between Fjone and Framnes, a 500m wide strait in lake Nisser. The ferry connects the east and west sides of Nisser and is part of county road 3380 towards rv. 41, Telemarksvegen.

Fjoneferja is Norway's smallest cable ferry and has room for three cars or one truck / bus. Nissedal municipality owns the ferry.

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Tel: 996 19 890

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