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Damp Sauna Melvin


3915, Porsgrunn

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  • spacious and beautiful sauna on the sauna boat Melvin in Porsgrunn
  • great lighting in the sauna on the sauna boat Melvin in Porsgrunn
  • sauna with window in the floor of the sauna boat Melvin in Porsgrunn
  • sauna with lighting and window in the floor of the sauna boat Melvin in Porsgrunn
  • shower and interior on the sauna boat Melvin in Porsgrunn
  • living room with refrigerator on the sauna boat Melvin in Porsgrunn
  • living room on the sauna boat Melvin in Porsgrunn
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Rent a sauna boat in Porsgrunn
Finally you can rent a sauna boat in Porsgrunn, Melvin!

Sauna and changing room
The sauna is electric with automatic steam shower inside. If you want to dip a little in the water, there is a hatch in the floor you can open. The sauna also has facilities such as a shower, stereo, dressing room and refrigerator. There are also stairs up to the sauna roof where you can lie and relax and enjoy the view on fine weather days. On the roof there is also the opportunity to "jump in the sea"

When you book the sauna, you have it for 2.5 hours and there is room for 15 people in total. The sauna is open all year round and you must book at least one day in advance. Remember to bring a towel and swimwear.

Opening hours
The sauna is open from Monday to Sunday between 10:00 and 21:00. You can bring your own food and drinks, but you can not bring food into the sauna.

You can park on Franklin Square at DownTown and at Coop Extra.


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Tel: 466 533 67

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