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Cycling the mystical Telemark

Type:Bicycle trip

Flatdalsvegen 1283, 3841, Flatdal

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A leisurly pace suits the cycle ride through the Land of Folk Tales in Hjartdal, Svartdal and Flatdal. Follow the river Hjartdøla into the narrow and mystical Ambjørndalen and watch the steep mountainsides rise from the bottom of the valleys and the river running into the dark quiet waters of Flatsjå. Old and traditional agriculture, raising and grazing livestock on farms and meadows creates a unique landscape. Fields of flowers and traditionally cultivated leafy forests together with a richness of species, creates a unique area of agriculture. In the hills, woods and valleys there are
trolls and fairies. Or so people say. The folk tales tied to the land and places in these villages add an extra layer to your adventure and experience.

The vistas on this route have inspired generations of artists. Nutheim Guesthouse has been a natural and vibrant centre for artists, providing a quiet space for work and inspiration. Make sure to stop and have your lunch break there. The hosts are happy to tell you all about trolls, fairies and their
family history. Recommended places to stop are Bygdemylla in Hjartdal, where you can enjoy a waterfall, fields of flowers and traditionally cultivated leafy forests at the farm Myljom-To, and Telespinn in Svartdal where you can buy locally made yarn.



  • length in km - 25


  • 3 hours


  • medium

Intended audience

  • Adults
  • Family

Nature and terrain

  • asphalt
  • gravel


  • May - Oktober


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Tel: 35 90 00 20

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