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Route directions:

From the centre of Bø, go towards Oterholt and Bø Museum, and follow Livegen from there. The parking area at Inleggen in upper Liheia is about 6 km from Bø town centre.


From the parking lot the path goes west along Sletteliberga. From this point there is beautiful scenery over Bø. For those of you who are short of time, we recommend a short walk up here. Nice places for resting along the way.

Those who wish to continue up to Bryggefjell Mountain must follow the path to the right at the crossroad after Slettliberga. You will walk through woods, cross a road and continue through pine forest, over shiny SVA all the way up to the top. Here you will have an amazing view in all directions.

From the landmark the journey continues past lake Skjentjønn where you can take a rest and a swim if the weather allows it. From here you continue down the narrow valley, Tjønnstuldalen, with old and gloomy spruce forest. Follow the path to the left along lake Tjønnstul and further into the valley. After a while you find the path that leads you to the remaining of HUSMANNSPLASSEN Ånto. Take a walk there and enjoy the flowers and the surroundings.


From Ånto, the path goes down to Langeskor, a well-marked shelf in the mountainside. At the bottom of Langeskor you will spot a tractor trail coming up from Breskelia, but in order to get back to Inleggen you should follow the steep path up to the left. Here you will find the mountain cave called “Ding Dang Church” which is worth a visit. Although it’s dark, it is safe to go inside and it has room for up to 30 people. The cave served as a hiding shelter during the Second World War, where locals could escape German military.

The path continues along the tractor trail back to Sletteliberga and the parking lot.

In wet and cold weather, the rocks might be slippery.


Map & Directions


Tel: 41 45 22 29

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