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Brønnstadbukta bathing place


3901, Porsgrunn

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Bathing area with a large sandy beach and rocky cliffs in the Eidangerfjord in Porsgrunn. Nice grassy areas for sunbathing and playing. Floating jetty with diving tower, clear water and deep shallows. Adapted for the disabled with a toilet and bathing ramp. A few play equipment for children.

The swimming area is located in Bergsbygda approx. 9 km from the center of Porsgrunn and is accessible by bicycle and car. Parking at the top of the hill.

There is a paved road down to the swimming area, but this is closed with a barrier.

​​​​Guests with a disability are given the opportunity to drive down to the bathing area.
The key to the barrier can be obtained from the municipality's service centre, tel. 35 54 70 00.
Toilet and separate wheelchair ramp.

The area is a good starting point for trips.


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Tel: 35905520

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