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Fyresdal, 3870, Fyresdal

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Fyresdal has plant and animal life that is typical of that of the coast as well as that of the high mountain. However, we also have more: we have a living town where active residents through hard work and hard play have helped to shape and make Fyresdal what it is today, and were hospitality towards visitors has long and proud traditions.

When visiting Fyresdal you don’t have to search for nature because you are already surrounded by it. We therefore encourage you to spend a lot of your time outdoors. Our nature is genuine, varied and truly Norwegian – and invites you to memorable activities. Here we present different options for how to best explore our exciting nature.

Fyresdal offers numerous of hiking trails, passing through both the many forests and up in the high mountains.You can also join one of our guided tours

Paddling and biking
In Fyresdal you will find a wide range of smaller and bigger lakes – suitable for paddling. Among these are Fyresvatn (Lake Fyresdal), one of Norway’s deepest lakes with its 377 meters. The many small islands and bays make the lake a nice paddle area. It´s also nice to take a bike ride in Fyresdal, either on the roads, in the forests or up in the mountains.

Picking wild berries
Our forests are rich with wild berries. The most common Norwegian wild berries are blueberry, cowberry, raspberry and cloudberry – all of them growing in the forests of Fyresdal, usually mature in late summer and early fall months. Enjoy the refreshing taste of Norwegian nature!




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Tel: + 47 35 04 14 55

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Buildings at Fyresdal bygdemuseum Fyresdal Local History Museum, FyresdalFyresdal village museum is situated in Øyskogen (the island forest), which is an attractive park area in the centre of Fyresdal.

Folkestadbyen.The town of Folkestad, FyresdalFolkestadbyen- The town of Folkestad. In the 1870s, a centre for commerce and crafts started to appear in this small church village.  The village received the name of “Folkestadbyen” and the towns people lived by paid work, commerce and handicraft. 

Våmur View Point, FyresdalVåmur is situated between Fyresdal town centre in the north and Kilegrend in the south. As Fyresvatn stretches as a fjord through the landscape with its steep mountain sides and polished mountain bergs, travellers along the road will feel like they’re in Western Norway.