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Moose hunter cottage


Buvannsveien 323, 3750, Drangedal

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view from the terrace at Elgjegerhytta
  • view from the terrace at Elgjegerhytta
  • 2 boys playing in the water
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The completely renovated "Moose hunter cottage" is beautifully situated with a view of lake Nedre Reinskjerr, a fishing lake with trout. The cottage is built in solid log with new floors, furniture and inventory. Solid beautiful timber walls give the cabin its own soul! the lumber is cut on the property, and built locally.

Standard of the cabin
The cottage has 2 bedrooms with 2 bunk beds in each room. One of the bunk beds has a double bed. In addition, the cottage has a cozy living room with long table in peasant style, a good sofa, wood stove for heating and a nice view down to the water from the living room.
In the kitchen you will find a gas stove and gas refrigerator, as well as all necessary kitchen utensils.

No running water or mobile phone coverage
You must fetch water yourself from the nearest water or stream. In winter, you must fetch water on the ice, or melt snow if there is no open water nearby.

The toilet is an outdoor toilet that you find in the woodshed.
There is also no mobile coverage in the area.
The area is characterized by peace and quietness
The part of the property where the "Moose hunter cottage" is located is closed off with a barrier. This means that the area is characterized by silence and tranquility! The cabin is located by itself with no other cabins nearby! The area has only recently been opened to the public and thus bears the mark of little traffic and wear and tear.

Access to the cottage
You can drive straight to the cottage in the summer.

Dogs allowed
It is allowed to bring a dog to the cabin.

Activities around the cottage
There is a boat at lake Østeråvannet that you as a tenant can use.

There are several fishing lakes and nice hiking terrain around the cottage. When you rent this cabin, you can fish for free on the entire fishing area of ​​Åse Vøllestadskogen of over 100,000 daa. It is mainly trout in the waters. The area is characterized by open pine forest, marsh, mountains and lakes and is a great terrain for hiking. Alternatively, you can explore many miles of forest roads by bicycle.


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Tel: 930 27 011

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