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3950, Brevik

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Day trip Brevik - Løvøya - Sandøya - Brevik.

Sandøya, which lies approx. 10-minute ferry ride from Brevik is a vibrant island community and a great place for island jumping of all ages.
The roads are narrow and paved and almost without car traffic and are suitable for cycling, walking or jogging.

- Sandøya is approx. 2 km² in extent with many nice hiking destinations. Large parts of the island are wooded with a light hilly terrain where paths can be followed crosswise.

- Sail with passenger ferry «Løvøy»  from Brevik to Løvøya.

- Take the morning bath in the northern part of the island Løvøya, here is also a free area or try the fish liqueur in Sandøysundet. Follow the marked path southwards towards Sandøya. Try short descents from the main road to small mountain cats with nice views. 

- Take some time while hiking through exciting flora in the wetland area at Løvøysundet. The swimming at Smellkjeften is a beautiful natural area. Here you can see a copious beach bed, including the yellow seedlings.

- Cross Løvøysundet on the pedestrian crossing to Sandøya. Continue on the marked path north on soft woodland through bar forest in the direction of Dikkon. Eat warm meal or ice cream at Dikkon cafe. Here you can also enjoy free coffee.

- Bath and play on a child friendly beach. Dikkon campground has popular boat bikes for hire.

-Further trek on the mark leads south through the forest to Sandøya center. Turn off the thirst or have dinner at the combined shop and cafe in Sundet.

- Rent a bike at the tourist office, take an afternoon bath on Skolestranda or Grunntunga before returning by ferry over the fjord from Kommunebrygga to Brevik where there is exciting ice cream bar.

If your feet should get hurt or you want to extend your stay at Dikkon:
Option 1: Take a ferry directly from Dikkon for return to Brevik.
Option 2: Go straight from Løvøysundet on the path and gravel road to Sandøya center at Kommunebrygga and use the cozy surroundings and facilities you will find there before returning to Brevik.


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Tel: + 47 35 90 55 20

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