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drone image of the island Skåtøy
  • drone image of the island Skåtøy
  • exhibition at Gallery Bak Fasade
  • the garden of the Gallery "Bak Fasaden" at Skåtøy
  • house at Øytunet on Skåtøy
  • Pizza from Caterings Solutions at the island Skåtøy
  • the garden of the Gallery "Bak Fasaden" at Skåtøy
  • actor from Skuespillerkompaniet on Skåtøya
  • the bikes for rent at Skåtøy i fart
  • yoga group at VieYoga at the island Skåtøy
  • exhibition of jewelery at the Gallery "Bak Fasaden" at the island Skåtøy

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Skåtøy is the largest island in the Kragerø archipelago and offers the good life both in summer and winter. The island is 7.7 square kilometers and has approximately 250 permanent residents. Here, you can fill your days by walking on soft trails, climbing up viewpoints, and fixing your gaze on the horizon far out, or you can familiarize yourself with the many offerings on the island.

Ten businesses have come together in the network Opplev Skåtøy (Experience Skåtøy). Their goal is to provide you with great experiences. Here, you will find something for the sporty type and for those who desire something pleasing to the eye, ear, soul, and palate.

The businesses and offerings are:

Catering Solutions
The team at Catering Solutions prepares food from scratch, preferably using vegetables from their own garden or locally grown on the island. Here, you can order everything from cakes to full-course dinners and finger food for weddings. You can also get pizza or buy fresh bread in the morning. Delivery is available throughout the archipelago.
Website: www.cateringsolutions.no

Feltmaker May
Sale of felt crafts and various courses.
Website: www.filtmaker.no

Eidkilen Bakery Outlet
At Eidkilen Bakery Outlet, you can buy fresh bread and other baked goods. The outlet is located at the sheltered spot at the outlet of Eidkil Canal, while the bakery itself is situated near the accommodations at Øytunet, about 5 minutes from the pier. Eidkilen also offers kayak rentals.
Website: www.eidkilen.no

Accommodation at Øytunet
Øytunet is idyllically located on western side of Skåtøy on the way to Krikken Coastal Fort. The premises can accommodate up to 54 people, with beds distributed between a large main house and 4 apartments. The place is well-suited for holidays, family gatherings, anniversaries, weddings, business trips, courses/seminars, summer parties, shellfish parties, Christmas parties, and more. Eidkilen Bakery Outlet can provide food for events by appointment.
Website: www.oytunet.no

Gallery Bak Fasaden
The gallery is located just above Skåtøy Café, in scenic surroundings with a view of the sea. Here, you will find exhibitions from various artists. This summer, you can also enjoy the view of the sea with a cup of coffee or a cold drink on the gallery's new terrace.
Website: www.bak-fasaden.no

Skuespillerkompaniet (The Actor Company)
Crazy cultural performances for children and adults, businesses, and private events.
Email: terje.sodal@gmail.com

Skåtøy Café
Sale of food and drinks. Concerts and quizzes.
Website: www.skatoykafe.no

Skåtøy i farta (Skåtøy in Action)
"Skåtøy i farta" offers guided cultural-historical walks, boat trips, knitting cruises, kayak and jogging tours, as well as bicycle rentals and hammock camping. It is also possible to arrange package solutions that combine activities from Skåtøy in Action with other offerings on Skåtøy.
Website: www.skatoyifarta.no

Yoga classes.
Website: www.instagram.com/vieyogaskatoy

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Tel: 97 97 78 56

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