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Høydalsmo in winter

Type:Cross Country

Høydalsmo, 3891, Høydalsmo

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The village of Høydalsmo has an enthusiastic skiing environment and can boast a top-notch cross-country skiing arena and jumping facility.

The trail network at Høydalsmo
Høydalsmo has a modern trail network of 2.5 km, 3 km, 5 km and 10 km. The track network was modernized for the NM in 2002 and Høydalsmo has later organized both World Cup races and other major events. The starting area for the trail network is at the ski stadium at Høydalsmo school.
​​​​​The beautiful and popular ski area "Skinan" on Grønliheia between Høydalsmo and Åmot is part of the trail network in Høydalsmo.

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The ski resort Oftejordet
The ski facility at Oftejordet is a free offer for anyone who wants to ski. Jumps, rails, forest trail and fun, the Oftejorden Challenge is also organized here every year.

Telemark jumping facility "Huka"
The Telemark jumping facility "Huka" is a snow-proof 90-metre hill. The facility has 4 slopes with K10 - K18 - K28 and a large slope with a hill size of 94 metres. Huka was completed in 1993 and modernized for the NM in 2002. Hill record is 98 meters set by Anders Bardal. ​


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Tel: +47 905 15 248

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