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3800, Bø i Telemark

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  • view from Gygrestolen in Bø

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The rock formation "Gygrestolen" has always been a well-known landmark in Bø. This very special and distinctive rock formation was created durring the last ice age.

The legend of Gygra
Legend has it that this was where Gygra sat when she, in furious anger that Christianity came to the village, threw large boulders after Gårakirka. The legend also says that one day the chair will erupt in Uvdalstjønna and that this will be the end of the world.

Description of the trip
The trip up to Gygrestolen is steep and difficult and thus suitable for people in good physical shape. The first part of the trip goes in dense forest before it turns into boulders and up on the plateau through open pine forest.

Be aware that parts of the trail are severely worn with roots and rocks due to lots of traffic which can be challenging after it has rained.

When you get to pond Svarttjønn, you have covered the longest part of the opposite slopes. On the northwest side of the pond there is a strange cave on two floors.

A little further ahead, you can take a short detour to lake Venetjønn, which, on nice summer days, can tempt you with a cooling bath before continuing to Gygrestolstupet.
From the cliff you have a fantastic view of the clock and a beautiful cultural and natural landscape.

On the way down you walk through old valuable natural forest with chirping bird life. From Maurknatten you get a very special view of the clock and the wild cliffs under the chair.

Useful information about the trip
The trip to the top is about 3.5 km and the whole round trip 7 km. The height difference from the parking lot up to the top is 365 m. At temperatures around zero you should pay attention to slippery and icy rocks. Bø Turlag marks and maintains the trail.

You can download map here. 



  • length in km


  • 3 hours
  • A couple of hours


  • challenging
  • medium

Intended audience

  • Adults

Nature and terrain

  • cultural landscape
  • mountainous terrain


  • May - Oktober


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Tel: 41 45 22 29

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