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Valleveien 696, 3967, Stathelle

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Welcome to Bamble Golf Club, a hidden gem. The golf course is located in the countryside on the Telemark coast near Valle in Bamble municipality. The course is a 9-hole forest and park course.

The golf course
The course is idyllically situated between rocks in coastal nature. Bamble Golf Club is proud of its course and welcomes everyone here. Bamble Golf Club consists of a 9-hole golf course, driving range with several places under one roof, putting green and a new training facility under construction.

The environment in the club is characterized by an informal and nice mix of permanent residents and cabin guests. Everyone should feel welcome. As a guest, we want you to want to return after the visit. If you do not play golf you can have a cup of coffee and enjoy the great view of the course and the activities from the veranda of the clubhouse.

Anders Ramnefjell from Golfsiden came to visit and described the course as follows:
"This is not a championship course, but rich in challenges nonetheless. The greens were great, OK clubhouse and very good service ».
He summed up with: «Overall impression: Surprisingly good. We did not expect this! ”

Serving and Proshop
In the clubhouse you will find a well-equipped Proshop. Here you can buy golf sets, golf equipment, golf balls and rent golf sets and golf trolleys. Expert staff gives you good advice and helps you to buy and rent. 

The café serves hot drinks, coffee, mineral water and has licenses to serve beer and wine. In addition, there is easy dining and kiosk sales. Great indoor facilities and a popular terrace with views towards the course and driving range.

Opening hours
Bamble Golf Club is one of the clubs with the longest opening hours in Norway.
During the joint holiday / school holiday 25 June to 20 August, the club house and Proshopen are open from 09:00-20:00.
The rest of the year depending on the weather the golf club is open from 10:00 to 18:00.

Players who come outside the opening hours can make use of the club's self-service with Vipps and reservation of course time at the golf box. 
Bamble Golf Club benefits from the favorable weather conditions that give one of the longest golf seasons in Norway.
The club has arranged tournaments in the middle of winter on New Year's Eve.

Bamble Golf Club is located in the countryside, but centrally located on the Telemark coast. 3km to Valle, 7km from the E18 exit at Rugtvedt (Lasses). About. a half-hour drive to Kragerø, Porsgrunn and Skien.
Free parking right next to the track.

Golf courses for beginners - The road to golf courses
Bamble Golf Club focuses on recruitment and new members and therefore arranges several golf courses, The Road to Golf - VTG. The club offers an inclusive and informal environment where everyone is welcome, regardless of level. -We place great emphasis on everyone feeling welcome, says general manager Helge Kimerud in Bamble Golf Club. 
The club has its own newly started women's group where you get instruction and play golf on Thursdays at 17:00. Contact the club for more information.

The history of Bamble Golf Club
The club was formed in 1998 and the first 6-hole training course was opened in 1999. The course quickly became popular and the club grew, the ambitions to get a full-fledged course made the club invest in a 9-hole facility. Bamble Golf Club's course was completed in 2007 and has since attracted players from all over Norway on holiday in Telemark.

Tournaments and group activities
Bamble Golf Club hosts several tournaments throughout the season, often open tournaments where everyone is welcome to sign up. Golf is an excellent joint activity for groups who want to have an experience. 
We have visits from several companies that take their employees or customers on golf activities at Bamble Golf Club. An activity can last from an hour to a whole day. The activities can be adapted to beginners and active golfers where everyone gets a good return.

Good accommodation options nearby at Sjøterrassen, Havparadiset, Rognstranda camping, Brevigstrand camping and Quality Hotel Skjærgården in Langesund.


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Tel: 35 97 65 01

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