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Spring in Telemark

Top 10 spring activities in Telemark

  1. Blooming of the anemones are mostly everywhere in Southern Norway at spring time. But on the island Jomfruland outside Kragerø, people go solely to contemplate the long white carpet that covers the 9 km long island in May.
  2. Cycle  route from Langesund to Kragerø
    Skjærgårds cycle route is a medium light and nice trail that suits most people, with beautiful scenery - a great experience out in the open.
  3. MS Henrik Ibsen on the Telemark Canal
    The Telemark Canal with its beautiful locks starts in Skien and ends in Dalen. Join various day trips or boat trips with accommodation.
    1. This part of the trail is generally easy and straightforward to go , but can be hilly someplaces . Langesund is well worth a visit  before heading out onto the trail.
    2. Off piste from Gaustatoppen
      Gaustatoppen is a paradise for skiing enthusiasts and, regardless of skill level, the magic mountain has something for everyone who likes to feel adrenaline coursing through their veins.
    3. Brekkeparken is one lovely place to visit, a beautiful garden and great views of the town of Skien.
    4. family at Henrik Ibsen Museum Venstøp
      Henrik Ibsen was born in Skien on 20 March 1828. His childhood home is just a few kilometers north of Skien city centre.
    5. Paddling
      Telemark with its long coastline and deep fjords as well as a number of rivers and lakes is an eldorado for paddling. There are plenty of opportunities for kayaking and canoeing.
    6. Where can I go fishing?
      From the coast areas in the south of Telemark to water, tarns and lakes in the inner Telemark, the county tempts with stunning nature and large numbers of places to fish. Anglers’ and landowners’ associations in the various municipalities sell fishing permits for all the areas of water.
    7. Soria Moria Sauna in Dalen, Telemark

    More inspiration

    1. Event Calendar
      Exhibitions, concerts, festivals, family events, small and big happenings, there is something for everybody in the county of Telemark.
    2. Food & Drinks
      Telemark is a county of contrasts that spans from a wild and striking coastline all the way up to the mountains and Hardangervidda. If you are a ‘foodie’ you will find that the selection of food and drinks based on local produce are equally varied.
    3. Hiking in Telemark
      Walk Telemark: Astonishing - safe - accessible! We present to you both short and easy walks and strenuous daytrips, from lowlands to highlands - from a local town centre to the largest mountain plateau in Northern Europe - in one short trip. By travelling through the valleys, on the lakes and in the mountains you get to experience the unique and varied nature and culture of Telemark.
    4. Country road cycling by the coast
      The Telemark coast offers fantastic cycling experiences in picturesque surroundings and is perhaps Telemark’s answer to Fjord Norway’s famous Rallarvegen bike route. National Cycle Routes lead from Langesund on Norway’s ‘sunshine coast’ to the ‘summer town’ of Kragerø, and to the beauty spot that is Jomfruland National Park.